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Einfach was sagen, wenn du meinst, das k├Ânnt was werden :)


May. 19th, 2010 09:22 pm
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Sorry, folks. Had to do one. Nothing personal etc. Say something if you think I've made a mistake, k?

Nothing happened if you can still see this post =)
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My own community ♥
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[ profile] kohaku1977 wrote christmassy Robert/Jude for me. Adorable boyses, schmoop, cookies and more. Prepare yourself ♥

Three Songs

Thank you, baby! I love it!

Tiny cut

Nov. 26th, 2009 10:16 am
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Most of you guys really don't have to worry ♥

PM me if you think I made a mistake, alright?
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Friends cut. Yes, it's time again.
It's nothing personal...reasons are that a)your journal seems kinda dead or b)we don't talk (anymore).

To everyone else: Absolutely NO REASON to worry ♥

Raise a hand if you think I made a mistake, alright?
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Friends cut...

I think it's time again. I did my last cut last November and I kept some of you because I thought things would change, that I might comment more often..but I didn't. Sorry. My life is way too busy to keep in touch with you all and way too short for feeling bad about skipping your posts every day.
It's nothing personal. You've done nothing wrong. And I won't cut anyone I talk to regularly.

Like last time: I'll keep this post public for a while. Raise a hand if you think I made a mistake.

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It's nothing personal. I just need/want to change my life a bit and there is just no way I can keep up with all of you guys.

I won't cut anyone who I talk to on a regularly basis or from whom I know that her RL is a bitch right now. If I keep you even though we don't talk...well. There must be other reasons then. Maybe the way you write is amusing in some way or I like your picspams or links or recs or whatever. But: Same goes for you. If you want to defriend me even though I kept you, go ahead. I won't be pissed or anything, just tell me why, ok?
So. I'm sure you all are great and awesome but maybe we friended each other in a friending meme and never really clicked. Or we we just stopped talking because our interests changed. Or you never commented...that's ok, because I probably never commented on your entries either...I just think the people on my flist should be there for some reason.
I'll leave this post public for a while so if you think I made a mistake just raise a hand!
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So after I-Don't-Know-How-Many-Years on LJ, I'm going to make my first friendscut. There are a lot of journals I don't read anymore, never commented on or never received comments from...or maybe we just didn't click. It's not the end of the world, right?

If you have the feeling that I'm wrong about unfriending you, feel free to leave a comment :)
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